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Enabling everyone to teach and learn

DevOps leaders often like to talk about how important culture is as an aspect of transformation. It’s common to hear “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” At American, our delivery transformation efforts have been focused on culture from day one.

InnerSource at American Airlines

InnerSource is a fancy word to describe a simple concept –- the use of open source best practices to promote the sharing of knowledge, skills, and code inside an organization.

Using Containers in Local Development

👋 I’d like to share a little bit of my first few months at American Airlines. It Worked on My Machine 🤷 When I came to American Airlines, I tried to contribute to several InnerSource projects in our corporate VCS.

Our Journey

I really dislike the word “journey” - it feels trite and overused in the modern technology movement. But I’ve had trouble finding a more fitting description for what’s going on here at American.