The Power Of Unlearning

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Two years ago, our organization, Customer Technology, took the first steps in embracing a product mindset by restructuring our squads around our newly developed product taxonomy. This was a huge change for our teams and, as with any change of this magnitude, not everyone was on board. Even those that were enthusiastic were looking for guidance in how to make this transition.

As I was planning for my annual leadership offsite, one of my leaders, Jason Hobbs, suggested that we have Barry O’Reilly speak to us to help with our transition to a product world. Jason had recently heard Barry speak on concepts from his new book, Unlearn, and thought Barry’s message about “unlearning” was something that would resonate with our team. Barry brought his message about “thinking big, and starting small” to our offsite and really helped our team gain insight to a product mindset.

Fast-forward to 2020 and our team has made tremendous progress on embracing the concept of unlearning. Barry asked me to share the results of our journey on his Unlearn podcast which was published today.

I appreciate Barry giving me the opportunity to tell the story of how we have unlearned and the fantastic results that the teams have delivered. I had the privilege of telling the story but the credit goes to our fabulous team members who have given so much to make this a reality. Thank you!

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