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Put the 'ease' back in 'release'

The story is all too familiar. Your team is releasing their software tonight. It’s a new feature that everyone’s been waiting for. You feel good (as good as you ever do on the night of a release), and it’s been a long time coming.

Patterns and Analogies

Patterns and Analogies Finding the first [patterns] and making a connection with the second [analogies] is a favorite pastime of mine. It is an art that can have a profound and effective impact when I’m communicating.

Implementing DevOps for TPF mainframe

The legacy challenge… Legacy mainframe applications are usually excluded when it comes to DevOps transformation. After all, it’s a daunting task to modernize millions of lines of code written in the 1970s to the present day while the system is still monolithic.

IT Celebrates Women

American Airlines has always celebrated the diversity of its team members. Our IT department has weaved these values within our organizational culture. As March approached, we saw an opportunity to expand upon celebrating diversity with an emphasis on International Women’s Month.

American ❤️s Open Source

Before we get started… There’s a very real chance that some of you won’t even finish this sentence before saying “too long; didn’t read” so here’s a brief summary to try and capture your interest:

The Power Of Unlearning

Two years ago, our organization, Customer Technology, took the first steps in embracing a product mindset by restructuring our squads around our newly developed product taxonomy.